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Increasing homeownership in Blythe Oldfield.

As an organization, City Fields is working towards building new homes and renovating old ones. The purpose of this is to increase homeownership for existing neighborhood renters. We believe this will help increase the overall health of the neighborhood. Our goal is to help guide residents into affordable homes. Purchasing a home is most often less expensive than renting. We can demonstrate how this is possible while additionally providing multiple resources to assist low income and first time home buyers in purchasing a house. 

Featured Homes Available

A complete plan for the neighborhood.


We acquire old homes in need of repair. We fully renovate and, if needed, build from scratch.


Our partnerships bring value to our homes. They donate specific furnishings and appliances.

Financial Education

We help you prepare for your purchase. Learn about down payment assistance.

Home Sales

When ready, we will help you find the right home and guide you through the purchase process.